Quake Shirt/Pants Color Chart

This table shows color numbers vs. names vs. colors for shirt and pants in Quake. Color names are based on player lists returned by Qstat and RGB values are approximated to the nearest browser safe (undithered) colors based on Quake options menu appearance rather than color name. I tried to get the hues close for a majority of browsers, but actual shirt colors may be brighter.

0White white FFFFFF FFFFFF
1Brown yellow/brown CC9966 CC9966
2Lavender violet/blue 9966FF 9966FF
3Khaki green khaki CCCC99 CCCC99
4Red team red FF0000 FF0000
5Lt Brown yellow/tan FFCC99 FFCC99
6Peach orange/yellow FFCC00 FFCC00
7Lt Peach white boy flesh FFCCCC FFCCCC
8Purple light purple CC66FF CC66FF
9Dk Purple pink/purple FF99FF FF99FF
10Tan off white FFFFCC FFFFCC
11Green light teal green 00CC99 00CC99
12Yellow yellow FFFF00 FFFF00
13Blue team blue 0000FF 0000FF
14Blue blue same as 13
15Blue blue same as 13

Colors > 15 are modulus (remainder) of dividing color number by 16 (NUM % 16).

Composed 11/9/97 by David Efflandt with the ever popular Linux Pico.